August 2nd

Each bloom has been supported with a plant support, any minor adjustments can now be made at the Show.

Next stage is to individualy wrap each bloom in cotton wool paying particular attention to the bottom row.  The cotton wool not only prevents rubbing but also helps to support the bloom.

Plant ready to be transported.

Everything ready to go, this task takes approximately an hour a plant.

Plant packed into van.  The pieces of shaped wood are used to hold it in place with the plant rested against the back of the half circle and held in position with the straight edge of the next board.  The board are screwed down onto the 6 x 2 batons resting on the floor.

Final stage is to stage plant at show, for result see pictures Ayr 2012.

August 12th

Now the flowers have been removed and the process of getting ready for next years show begins.  The first stage of which is to swap the older plants for the cuttings that have been growing in the frame.

Cuttings are now ready to grow on until December/January.  They will be given an occasional balanced feed to keep them growing over the next three months.  In November this will be stopped and the plants allowed to get ready for dormancy.

I still have a few later blooms to provide some colour for the rest of the month and into September.

August 19th

Later cuttings being allowed to flower to obtain pollen at end of next month.

Eureka, a variety that has am unusual colour and very strong petals.

Record attempt over for another year 1/2" short but this bloom of Lucky made 12 3/4 " always next year.

August 26th

This weeks task has been to treat all the plants including the cuttings with nematodes to prevent losses from grubs later in the year.