July 1st

Some of the larger buds are now showing colour.  This variety is a pink seedling from 2010.

Bud developing on Nicola Coates.

General view of plants which have now been given a feed of calcium nitrate and superphosphate.

Later buds and pot plants.

Pot plants are now developing rapidly and require feeding.  I have chosen to use a 212 feed.  This will be given at full strength twice a week.

July 8th

Buds have developed rapidly since last week and now require the fitting of cardboard collars.  The front row of plants are this years seedlings which have now been potted into their final 7" pots, and now will be allowed to flower.  Plants are now being fed a high potash feed, half strength at every watering.

Cardboard collar fitted to Sweet Dreams.

Tom Brownlee beginning to show the excellent form that this variety is capable of.

Promising bud on a current year cutting taken in March.  The variety is Eva Grace.

Pot plants are developing rapidly and require constant adjustment to allow blooms through the foliage.  They are now being fed a high potash fertiliser, full strength at every watering.

General view showing fan blowing air out of door.  All doors and vents are left open day and night now to allow as much ventilation as possible.  In the dull wet weather we have been getting this is essential to help stop stem rot. 

July 15th

Almost all the collars are now fitted, plants have been given a good soaking with plain water to prevent a build up of salt in the pot from feeding.  They will be fed with a high potash feed for next two weeks.

new variety to me showing some potential.  Robert Tyler Murphy Bryce, and yes you do need to use a big label.

Blooms are at various stages depending on the variety.

Seedlings have now filled 7" inch pots with roots and have been stopped to flower.

Pot plants now need adjusted and some of the foliage removed to allow all the blooms to develop and face the correct way. This is a before picture.

The after picture.  The next step will be to start inserting bloom supports this week.  Plants are now being fed a high potash fertiliser.

July 22nd

Plants now require the use of bloom supports to hold and position flowers

Sweet Dreams now has the supports in but will require to be pulled out further to display all the blooms.

Single flowers are developing quickly and a few warm days will no doubt see some go past.

Closer view.

The bloom of Eva Grace shown earlier in the month is developing into a large bloom.  This plant is a cutting taken in March.

My helper gaurding a plant of Tom Brownlee.

June 29

Plants now almost fully out have been given final full strength feed of Chempak No. 8

View of cut blooms

Nicola Coates

Laura Gardiner

Sweet Dreams

Everything now grown next stage will be getting them to the Show.