June 3rd

Plants now spaced in final flowering positions.

Recent spell of warm weather has resulted in plants needing fed.  This will be done with half strength Chempak 3.

Seedlings now being potted into 6" pots in which they will flower.

Pot plants are now all staked and have been given a single high nitrogen feed.

Some of the plants are a little short and will have to be worked on to make sure side shoots are allowed to develop in the right direction.

June 17th

7 weeks until show now time to stop plants

Plants are stopped in two batches plants in this house will be stopped with a smaller bud.

Smaller buds are taken on those varietes that develop faster.

On slower developing blooms such as Tequila Sunrise I remove the smaller bud and stop the plant on the larger one.  All plants are stopped on the same day.