May 6th

Most of the sideshoots have now been removed from the single stem plants and they will continue to be sprayed with maxicrop.

Close up of one of the plants.  The cool weather is keeping them short jointed.

Seedlings have been spaced out and hopefully will now begin to grow quickly.

Pot plants are looking well although they are still a little short for tying to canes and care has to be taken not to overtighten the ties.

May 13th

General view of main greenhouse plants will soon require further spacing.

A Ronnie Welsh Tuber.

Grown in Coalburn.

Pot plants have now been in their final pots for 6 weeks and will now require to be fed weekly with a balanced fertiliser.  I will use Chempak no.3.

May 23rd

Single stem plants in final flowering position 120 in a 30' x 10' house.  Mistake to have them too close.  All buds have been removed and those remaining will be allowed now to develop to give a choice of bud when selecting for Ayr.  Plants have been given a feed of calcium nitrate 1 teaspoon to a gallon of water and no further feeding will be needed until the plant has been stopped.

The havn't quite made it batch these will do for a later flower.

Pot plants spaced out, each plant is given a 3' space to allow for later growth and first canes are now in place.

Cuttings ready to pot into 5" pots but will have to wait until more space becomes available.

Seedlings now ready to pot up.

May 27th

Plants liking warmer weather

Plants need to be adjusted to allow the sideshoots room and light to develop.

Plants look silly after but will soon recover their shape and the sideshoots will continue to face forward.

he very hot weather resulted in some temporary shading to prevent leaves being scorched until more cool glass could be applied.  The one other task this week was to treat plants for mildew.

Prevention is better than cure.