That concludes my growing year and I have to say that it has passed very quickly. I have tried to cover most aspects of growing and as you will have seen I am a great believer in keeping things simple.
In conclusion, I have been growing begonias for more years than I care to recall but I am the type of person who finds it difficult (no almost impossible) to stand up in front of an audience to give a talk on this or any other subject. When approached by John Hamilton and asked to undertake this project I was very reluctant to accept the challenge but on hindsight I have found it to be a very enjoyable experience and on that basis I would strongly urge anyone who is approached by him in the future to also take up the challenge and to contribute towards the success of the Scottish Begonia Society web site.
Lastly l would like to thank both John and Ian Donaldson for their time and effort in enabling me to convert my photographs into the growing season and hope that it has been of benefit to you and others alike who have followed my adventure.


 I am sure everyone will join with me in thanking Ronnie for his efforts.  The whole year has gone quickly and each month has been both interesting and informative.  Thanks again Ronnie.

John Hamillton