Scottish Begonia Society Rules Issued For The Guidance Of Judges, Stewards and Exhibitors


1. For the purposes of this document “Society” or “the Society” means the Scottish Begonia Society.

1.1 Where Begonias are exhibited for judgement and the appropriate show schedule provides that they are to be judged according to the Scottish Begonia Society Rules, then they will be judged as per the provisions shown below.

Large Double Flowered Begonias

2. A cut bloom is defined as the large male flower normally central on the flowering stem.

2.1 A pot plant is defined as one or more Begonias of the same variety grown in any manner within a pot.
Reference should be made to individual show schedules for clarification as to the style and or manner to which the exhibit in each class must conform to. Examples are as follows:

Single/multi stem with/without side shoots.

Forward facing, forward facing 180 degrees or all round 360 degrees.

Individual classes within a show schedule may use the wording “distinctly different”. Where this wording is used it is done so in order to eliminate certain varieties (which are so alike that it is impossible by the naked eye to differentiate between them) being used within the same class/exhibit in order to achieve the required minimum number of varieties. Examples are Kirsty and Fair Maid of Perth, Tom Brownlee and John Watson, Bali Hi and any sport thereof. In these cases only one from each pairing can be used towards the total number of varieties required within that class/exhibit. Both can however be use provided the required number of varieties has been achieved.

2.2 A stem is defined as a shoot that originates from the tuber.

2.3 Multi stem is defined as two or more stems

2.4 A side shoot is defined as any stem breaking from a leaf axil.

2.5 A pot can contain one or more tubers of the same variety


3. Any exhibit actively affected by pests, diseases or fungal disorder shall be removed from the show.

3.1 All exhibits must be grown by the exhibitor for the period of 8 weeks immediately prior to the show.

3.2 Judges appointed by the Scottish Begonia Society should possess a sound knowledge of all Begonias, including their growth, habits and the formation of their blooms.

3.3 In the performance of his/her duty a Judge shall act with an open mind, shall not be influenced by any personal likes of dislikes, shall have regard to the provisions of these Rules, and shall judge all exhibits submitted to him/her for judgement as they are seen at by him/her at the time of judging.

3.4 Whenever a Show Schedule provides that a specific number of varieties must be included in any exhibit staged and submitted for judgement, the colour of any variety officially recognised by the Society and included in its official list of classified colours, shall be final and no variations of such colour (be it light, dark or otherwise) shall be accepted by the judge as being a separate or distinctly different variety from that so recognised by the Society.

Handling or shifting Blooms or Pots

4. Except in special circumstances, a bloom or a pot plant exhibited for judgement shall not be handled, lifted or shifted by a judge or Show Convenor.

Cut Blooms (Large Double Flowered Begonias)

5. A cut bloom shall be of good substance and have good depth for the variety exhibited.

5.1 An ideal bloom, whether it has a rosebud or a camellia centre, shall be circular in outline, with the petals arranged symmetrically so as to present an even shaped bloom. In addition it shall be of good size and depth, and it shall culminate in one centre.

5.2 It’s colour shall be that recognised by the Society and classified in its official list and the bloom shall be at or near the perfect stage for such a bloom, being neither too young or too old.

5.3 When staging the use of collars, cotton wool, or any similar substances or aids (other than the approved cups for the purposes of holding fluid that may be used to sustain and support a cut bloom) are prohibited.

Judgement by Points:

6. In close competition and where it is deemed necessary by one or more judges blooms may be allocated points in order to determine a final placing. Such points shall be allocated as follows:

1. Form 3 points
2. Size 3 points
3. Condition 3 points
4. Colour 3 points
5. Presentation of overall exhibit 3 points


7. For the information of exhibitors any bloom exhibited that is –

1. Shallow
2. Of poor texture
3. Irregular in outline
4. Has more than one centre
5. Of the self colour as classified by the Society, but is pale, dark or blotched
6. Too young or too old, tired, bruised or has marked petals or
7. Possesses any malformation or other defect

shall be regarded by the judge as a defective one for the purpose of judgement.


8. A Preliminary Certificate may be award to any seedling in the seedling class at the annual show.

8.1 Any exhibitor seeking an Award of Merit for any seedling which has been exhibited previously and been awarded a Preliminary Certificate, must exhibit for that purpose two or more plants in bloom or two cut blooms of that seedling.

8.2 Judgement on such an exhibit shall be given by a Floral Committee appointed for that purpose by the executive Committee of the Society and it shall have regard to the fact that an Award of Merit will be granted by the Society only if the seedling exhibited is a new and distinct variety of Begonia and is worthy of such an Award.

8.3 The colour of any such seedling shall be that determined by the above sub-committee.

Pot Plants (Large Double Flowered Begonias)

9. When staging the use of collars, cotton wool, or any similar substances or aids (other than bloom supports, canes and ties) are prohibited.

9.1 A well balanced pot plant shall have stout and erect stems, its foliage should be clean, healthy and unblemished and its blooms should be spaced and be in size and number proportionate to the plant.

9.2 If an exhibitor deems it necessary to remove any leaf or leaves for the purpose of providing a better view of its blooms, he/she may do so without attracting any penalty to the exhibit or pot.

Judgement by Points:

10 In close competition and where it is deemed necessary by one or more judges pot plants may be allocated points in order to determine a final placing. Such points shall be allocated as follows:

1. stems 3 points
2. foliage 3 points


3. Number 3 points
4. Form 3 points
5. Size 3 points
6. Condition 3 points
7. Colour 3 points
8. Presentation of overall exhibit 3 points

10.1 For the information of exhibitors any pot plant exhibited that has:

1. Stems that are spindly, weak or twisted
2. Foliage that is pale, damaged or spotted
3. Loss of lower leaves
4. Blooms that are few in number or small in size for the plant
5. Blooms that are pale, dark or blotched

shall be regarded by the judge as defective for the purpose of judgement.