September 2nd

Cuttings are now all housed in main greenhose and will be allowed to flower for hybridisation in October.

I am now starting to bring in all the older plants, cleaning them up and growing them in airy conditions.

A seedling from twoyears ago crosses that has caught my eye.

One of this years seedlings which I will photograph over the following month.

September 9th

Cuttings have now all been housed in the main greenhouse.

Seedling starting to show colour.

All plants have now been brought in from outside cleaned up and watered.  Doors are left open to provide ventilation.


Some of the cuttings are now starting to fling pollen which will be used for next years crosses.

September 16th

Lower leaves on older plants starting to turn yellow.  Water will now be withheld to allow the pots to dry out next month.

Seedling now starting to show colour.

Bud on Alana Hamilton starting to open up.